C open smpp-3.4 Library

Revision History
Revision 1.42012-01-02Revised by: RT
Version 1.10, we add a new function unpack2 to resolve CMD_ID identification from buffer.
Revision 1.32006-10-28Revised by: RT
Version 1.8, pending solved.
Revision 1.22006-06-28Revised by: RT
Some corrections in english version.
Revision 1.12006-06-12Revised by: Marcela Carbajo
Some corrections in english version.
Revision 1.02006-06-03Revised by: Raśl Tremsal
Initial version.

This work is directed to C programmers with basic knowledge in SMPP protocol, at least in the specification and handling of sessions. Extending a little the development of the library, the scope of the same might involve a development methodology of protocols on TCP/IP.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. The main objective
1.2. API definition
2. Packaging function of data structures
2.1. An example
3. Unpackaging function of data structures
3.1. An example
4. Other unpackaging function of data structures
5. Data structures dump function
5.1. An example
6. Buffer dump function
6.1. An example
7. Optional parameters
7.1. An example
8. Handling of destination address lists in SUBMIT_MULTI and SUBMIT_MULTI_RESP PDUs
9. Examples included in library release.
9.1. PDU samples.
9.2. An ESME basic.
10. Conclusions and future works.